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Accelerator R&D Activities

Operation of the XFEL Accelerator

Accelerator R&D Activities

OP and Cost Center Structure

see sheet "R&D" for the R&D relevant packages and cost centers

Similar to the structure of the (standard) operation of the XFEL accelerator also the R&D activities to develop the XFEL facility is structres in Research Packages (RP)  lead by the Principle Investigator and organized into three main pillars. R&D Activities can be proposed to the MXL machine coordination at any time using the the template linked below. Proposals are approved by MXL and discussed in the XFEL Operation Board. Once a year a status report about the progress within each RP is requested with the Status Report template.

PI are offered to provide a  web page for their RP as a sub-page to this section.

Research Package Structure as of August 2021

Documents regarding Accelerator R&D Activities

Accelerator R&D Policy
This document describes the policy established for the XFEL accelerator R&D activities at DESY.
Template R&D Proposal
This template is to be used for all new R&D activities for the XFEL accelerator. To be approved by the coordination team.
Template R&D Status Report
This template is supposed to be used to provide a status report of the R&D activity's progress about once a year
Template R&D Final Report
When a R&D activity is concluded a final report about the outcome is expected using this template.