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Accelerator R&D Activities

Operation of the XFEL Accelerator

Accelerator R&D Activities

OP and Cost Center Structure

see sheet "R&D" for the R&D relevant packages and cost centers

Similar to the structure of the (standard) operation of the XFEL accelerator also the R&D activities to develop the XFEL facility is structres in Research Packages (RP)  lead by the Principle Investigator and organized in pillars. R&D Activities can be proposed to the MXL machine coordination at any time using the the template linked below. Proposals are pre-screened by MXL, assessed by the R&D Board and approved by the XFEL Management Board. Once a year a status report about the progress within each RP is requested with the Status Report template.

PI are offered to provide a  web page for their RP as a sub-page to this section.

Research Package Structure as of August 2022

Documents regarding Accelerator R&D Activities

Accelerator R&D Policy
This document describes the policy established for the XFEL accelerator R&D activities at DESY.
Template R&D Proposal
This template is to be used for all new R&D activities for the XFEL accelerator. To be approved by the coordination team.
Template R&D Status Report
This template is supposed to be used to provide a status report of the R&D activity's progress about once a year
Template R&D Final Report
When a R&D activity is concluded a final report about the outcome is expected using this template.