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XFEL Accelerator Coordination Team

Operation of the XFEL Accelerator

XFEL Accelerator Coordination Team

MXL on Confluence

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The coordination team of the group MXL coordinates all activities around the accelerator of the European XFEL and ensures daily operation together with the other groups of DESYs accelerator division and in close communication with the users. MXL is the primary dialog partner for the European XFEL GmbH. The group is also responsible for suggesting and steering the research and development program for the accelerator towards the future evolution of the facility.

XFEL Coordination Team @DESY

Winni Decking

MXL group leader, Coordinator XFEL Accelerator Operation, beam dynamics, R&D

Riko Wichmann

MXL deputy, Administration & controlling of XFEL Accelerator Operation

Matthias Scholz


Marc Guetg

FEL physics, new concepts

Frank Brinker (MIN)


Nick Walker (MPY)

Linac coordinator

Siegfried Koepke

Quality Assurance

Evgeny Negodin

Technical Coordination