| Operation of the XFEL Accelerator

RF Systems

OPs-2xx: RF Systems

Operation of the XFEL Accelerator

OPs-2xx: RF Systems


OP-210: High Power RF System

The high power RF (HPRF) system has 27 RF stations consisting of a modulator, pulse cables and pulse transformer, klystron, waveguide distribution system, interlock system, several power supplies, pre-amplifier and other auxiliaries in racks to provide RF power to the super conducting (SC) accelerator modules in the XFEL. The injector is served by 2 RF stations, the linac tunnel XTL has 25 RF stations, each providing RF power for 4 SC modules.


OP-215: Low Level RF

The Low Level Radio Frequency (LLRF) Control of the European XFEL accelerator is indispensable for the operation of the accelerator since the system is setting and maintaining stable acceleration voltage and phase of the high-precision calibrated vector-sum of individual RF stations. Without reaching the specified performance no lasing of the European XFEL can be expected.


OP-220: Accelerator Modules

OP-220 deals with all accelerator module related issues. Cryogenic operation of the cryostats and interconnects but also cavity, RF power coupler, and frequency tuners are taken care of. The repair of modules including partly disassembly and reassembly are addressed. Also three spare modules within 10 years of operation are included.


OP-225: Cryogenics

The super-conducting accelerator of the XFEL is operated at 2° K with liquid Helium (He) being provided by the DESY cryogenic plant (the refurbished plant of the HERA collider). The cryogenic plant and associated systems provide the cooling power for the 1.3 GHz super-conducting cavities and super-conducting focussing magnets in the accelerator modules. The tasks of the OP-225 will be the following:


OP-230: 3.9 GHz System

The 3.9 GHz System consists of the 3rd harmonic acceleration module and the corresponding RF station consisting of a modulator, pulse cable and pulse transformer, klystron, waveguide distribution system, interlock system and other auxiliaries in racks. The task of this OP is the
Operation, maintenance and repair of the 3.9 GHz HPRF components in the injector tunnel and injector shaft and for the module test stand XATB1 in the AMTF.


OP-235: TDS (Transverse Deflecting System)

The TDS RF System consists of the Transversely Deflecting Structures in the injector and bunch compressor 1 and 2, the corresponding klystrons, waveguides and modulators. The system in BC1 is currently not available and has to be installed during a shutdown in the future. In the operation phase, the tasks of the OP-235 will be the following:
Operation, maintenance and repair of the TDS systems in the injector tunnel (XTIN), injector shaft (XSE) and linac tunnel (XTL)