| Operation of the XFEL Accelerator


Machine Advisory Committee

Operation of the XFEL Accelerator

Machine Advisory Committee

The XFEL operation is a topic of 2 Machine Advisory Committees (MACs)


The DESY MAC advises the DESY Management on operation, extension and R&D projects concerned with all DESY accelerators (including XFEL). The XFEL MAC looks at the operation and R&D projects of the XFEL accelerator only.

The two MACs meet back-to-back over a total of 3 days twice a year typically early May and early November. There is a large overlap in members between the DESY and XFEL of 5-6 people. The usual top level agenda looks as follows:

  1. day: DESY accelerator presentations
  2. day: Joint session of XFEL and DESY MAC with overview talks regarding the XFEL accelerator operation; closed session DESY MAC and report writing; after close-out continuation of XFEL MAC only with special XFEL acc. topic
  3. day: XFEL accelerator presentions, closed session of XFEL MAC and report wrting


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