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Disposal of XFEL Components

Operation of the XFEL Accelerator

Disposal of XFEL Components

XFEL Company Disposal

Icon Disposal Form (307KB)
pdf form to dispose of XFEL components / parts

The disposal ("Abgabe") of components and parts in the context of XFEL is two-fold:

  1. Disposal form of the XFEL company (see link above) to check for a possible registration of the part in their inventory
    1. add as many info as possible to help identify the compoment
    2. be particular careful with part under customs control
    3. send filled out form to Riko
    4. wait notification of signed XFEL form
  2. Disposal form and actual disposal by DESY
    1. add the XFEL accepted form to the DESY "Abgabemeldung"
    2. follow regular DESY procedure
    3. disposal of part is handled by DESY


Follow these steps to dispose of a compoment / part obtained: