| Operation of the XFEL Accelerator

Operation & Controls

OPs-4xx: Operation & Controls

Operation of the XFEL Accelerator

OPs-4xx: Operation & Controls


OP-410: Shift Crew

Daily operation of the XFEL accelerator requires continuous operator presence. Operators adjust accelerator settings, restart the accelerator after breaks and shut-down, intervene in case of hardware failures and errors and continuously optimize accelerator parameters to obtain optimal performance or adjust to user needs.


OP-415: Accelerator Physics

OP-415 is responsible for the specification, verification and development of the accelerators operation envelope, i.e. the range of accessible beam parameters. Staff of OP-415 has scientific competence in all accelerator and radiation source related fields of the European XFEL and supports the accelerator coordination team at daily operation and problem solving. This includes also provision of run-coordinators and scientific shift operators. In addition, staff of OP-415 contributes to high-level control applications (OP-425) and coordinates the operation and improvement of sub-systems with interfaces to many different operation packages.


OP-420: Console Programs

OP-420 is coordinating the different activities of OP-330 (controls) and other operation packages towards console programs for operators and overview panels.


OP-425: High Level Control

OP-425 coordinates, steers and develops the high-level control of the facility. The operation package has been separated from OP-330 to emphasize the interface aspect of high-level control between all accelerator operation packages and also photon systems applications.


OP-430: Feedbacks

Electron beam based feedback systems are crucial for the spatial, temporal and spectral stability of the photon pulses. A set of slow and fast feedback systems has been installed. Slow feedback systems allow the control of photon beam parameters from pulse to pulse. The long pulses of the super-conducting accelerator allow for active stabilisation of the electron beam even within an RF pulse.
OP-430 will operate, maintain and improve the various systems and most importantly their interaction. Feedback systems are mandatory for baseline operation, and moreover offer great prospects for facility improvements.


OP-440: Personnel Interlock

In the operation phase, the tasks of the OP-440 are to operate, maintain and repair the personnel interlock system and the DESY Access Handling System (DACHS).
The personnel interlock system is an active part of the accelerator radiation safety system to secure radiation restricted areas which are established due to beam operation. The main task of the system is to switch off all relevant radiation producing devices in case of danger to prevent accidental radiation exposure of persons.
Closely connected and interfaced to the personnel interlock system is the DACHS system to handle access control to radiation controlled areas. Both systems are mandatory for the operation permit of the XFEL accelerator.


OP-445: General Safety

OP-445 is concerned with the general safety aspects of the operation of the XFEL accelerator. The tasks of OP-445 in this context for the XFEL accelerator are therefore:


OP-450: Radiation Safety

Proper handling of radiation protection, radiation measurement and monitoring is a legal requirement for the operation permit of the facility.