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List of available talks

The links to the talks in the table below are on request of some speakers password protected. The talks are listed in alphabetical order. The password can be obtained from the workshop secretary Imke.Gembalies@desy.de.



Altarelli, Massimo

The European XFEL Facility: a status report

Anfinrud, Philip

Watching proteins at work with picosecond Laue diffraction

Benfatto, Maurizio

Recent theoretical advances in the XAS analysis: prospective for time-resolved XAS spectroscopy

Bratos, Savo

A statistical theory for ultrafast X-ray diffraction

Cavalleri, Andrea

Ultrafast X-ray studies of cooperative dynamics in the solid state

Chergui, Majed

Ultrafast X-ray spectroscopy in the condensed phase

Drescher, Markus

Atomic dynamics with attosecond XUV pulses

Elsaesser, Thomas

Structural dynamics of bulk and nanostructured solids studied by femtosecond x-ray diffraction

Hastings, Jerry

News from the SPPS project at SLAC

Ihee, Hyotcherl

Structural dynamics of small molecules studied by electron and X-ray diffraction

Lindenberg, Aaron

Non-thermal melting studied by femtosecond diffraction

Wulff, Michael

Structural dynamics of molecules in liquids


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