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List of available talks

The links to the talks in the table below are on request of some speakers password protected. The talks are listed in alphabetical order. The password can be obtained from the workshop secretary Imke.Gembalies@desy.de.



Altarelli, M.


Altucci, C.

HHG from aligned molecular systems

Audebert, P.

Experimental realization for HEDS

Bostedt, C.

Investigation of clusters at short wavelength

Charalambidis, D.

Initiating multiphoton studies in the x-ray spectral region

Fajardo, M.

The hot dense matter regime

Gel'mukhanov, F.

Pump-probe x-ray spectroscopy and high-field x-ray processes in molecules

Krzywinski, J.

Surface interaction: Damaging optics and samples

Lee, R. W.

The warm dense matter regime: The importance of EOS data

Maquet, A.

Atoms in high fields

Marangos, J.

Non-linear and high-field x-ray processes

Marangos, J.

Conclusions from scientific session II

Pedersen, H. B.

Molecular ions of astrophysical interest: Fast ion fragmentation and ionization with high energy photons using an ion trap

Riley, D.

X-ray scattering techniques in the HED regime

Rosmej, F.

Plasma spectroscopic studies with the XFEL

Saalmann, U.

Modelling interaction of short-wavelength radiation with clusters

Schuch, R.

XFELs and trap physics

Silva, L. O.

Control of cluster explosions

Smith, R.

High energy density plasmas from intense field interactions with clusters

Springate, E.

Clusters in intense fields

Taylor, K.

Few-photon atomic absorption processes at XFEL wavelengths and intensities

Wark, J.

Matter at high pressure states

Wolf, A.

Conclusions from scientific session III


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