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List of available talks

The links to the talks in the table below are on request of some speakers password protected. The talks are listed in alphabetical order. The password can be obtained from the workshop secretary Imke.Gembalies@desy.de.

Currently, most of the talks are available as powerpoint files only. We will convert them soon into pdf files and update the links.



Altarelli, Massimo


Chapman, Henry

High-Resolution Imaging of Molecules with X-ray FELs

David, Christian

Optics for the X-ray Free Electron Laser

Eberhardt, Wolfgang

Magnetization Dynamics

Faigel, Gyula

Radiation damage of atom Clusters in the XFEL beam

Feidenhansl, Robert

Surfaces and Interfaces

Frank, Matthias

Macromolecules in the Gas Phase - Sample Introduction Challenges for Single Molecule Diffraction Imaging at XFELs

Grübel, Gerhard

Detectors for Future Light Sources

Hajdu, Janos

Flash Diffraction Imaging

McNulty, Ian

Applications of Coherent X-ray Beams

Möller, Thomas

Clusters Structure and Dynamics studied with X-ray FEL Pulses

Robinson, Ian

Phase Retrieval and Applications

Stephenson, Brian

XPCS Experiments at an X-ray FEL

Tolan, Metin

X-Ray Photon Correlation Spectroscopy with an X-FEL

Tschentscher, Thomas

Status of the XFEL Project and Photon Beam Parameters

Wochner, Peter

Fluctuations in partially ordered systems


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