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STI Round Table Meeting June 2004

A round-table meeting as part of the STI (Science and Technology Issues) working group took place at DESY on June 22 - 24, 2004. The topics discussed were the science case, accelerator related issues and the XFEL process.

Available Presentations



Science Case I


Opportunities and Challenges for XFELs for Ultrafast Science

J. Hastings

Introduction on Coherent X-rays from an XFEL

B. Stephenson

Imaging of Single Particles and Biomolecules

J. Hajdu

Ultra-fast Chemical Dynamics

S. Techert

High Energy Density Science on XFELs

R. Lee

New Frontiers in Atomic Molecular Optical Physics with a VUV/X-FEL

J. Ullrich

Accelerator Related Issues


The VUV-FEL as Pilot Facility for the XFEL

J. Rossbach

XFEL Accelerator Overview

R. Brinkmann

Generation of High Quality Beam

K. Flöttmann

Beam Distribution and Stabilisation

W. Decking

Science Case II


Ultrafast Structural Dynamics in Solids

K. Sokolowski-Tinten

Magnetization Dynamics: the 1st Picosecond

H. Dürr

Ulta-fast X-ray Science

E. Collet

Clusters Structure and Dynamics studied with XFEL Pulses

T. Möller

Fundamental High Field Science with an XFEL Facility

A. Ringwald

XFEL Process


Baseline Design of the SASE Radiators of the European XFEL

J. Feldhaus

Alternative Coherent Sources of Short-wavelength Radiation in the Soft and Hard X-ray range, not Based on Accelerators

J. Tisch

Seeding and High Gain Harmonic Generation Schemes in the European XFL Framework

L. Giannessi

Different Approaches for the Generation of femtosecond and sub-femtosecond X-ray Pulse

D. Garzella

Attosecond Option for the XFEL

E. Saldin

Future Options

M. Yurkov


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