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Collaborative design provides a systematic approach for integrating the design contributions of multiple project teams, aiming to converge on a single design that is acceptable to all participants. The collaborative design process ensures that a complete, consistent and clash-free model of the facility is created and maintained.

The collaborative design process at the European XFEL integrates more than a dozen subsystem design teams from trades such as e.g. civil and electrical engineering, plumbing, ventilation, safety, transportation, survey, cryogenics and various accelerator systems. A design integration team puts together the individual sub-system models into so-called master models, which are then analyzed by a QA team. Analysis results are distributed to subsystem coordinators, who negotiate strategies for conflict resolutions and design changes.

The integration team manages more than 160 master models of different tunnel sections and building complexes, integrating more than 15 technical systems, which are published and made available to the entire project in the DESY EDMS. One of the benefits is resolving conflicts between e. g. mechanical, structural and accelerator-related disciplines at early design stages. Literature observes in construction projects savings of 0.5% up to 10% of the contract value due to early clash-checks, which prevent conflicts from reaching the construction site and causing unbudgeted changes and delays in the project schedule.

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