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Infrastructure related Work Packages

WP 10: Module Test Facility

  • Module test stand
  • Work Package Leader: B. Petersen (Desy)

WP 13: Cryogenics

  • Use of HERA plant?
  • Separate injector/main linac systems?
  • Cost aspect: start small, upgrade later?
  • Work Package Leader: B. Petersen (Desy)

WP 32: Survey and Alignment

  • Survey and alignment issues, implementations, implications
  • Work Package Leader: J. Prenting (Desy)

WP 33: Tunnel installation

  • Layout
  • Placement of components
  • Support structures
  • Transport system
  • Work Package Leader: N. Meyners (Desy)

WP 34: Utilities

  • Power distribution
  • power supplies
  • Water cooling, compressed air
  • Integration of existing utilities
  • Ventilation and air conditioning
  • Temperature stabilisation
  • Industry-type controls for utilities
  • Work Package Leader: J.-P. Jensen (Desy)

WP 40: Information & Process Support

  • Engineering Data Management
  • 3D Collaborative Engineering and CAD Services
  • Project Management System (MSPE) and Training
  • General Information Infrastructure
  • Work Package Leader: L. Hagge (Desy)


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