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Accelerator Sub-Systems Work Packages

WP 12: Warm Magnets

  • Design of all warm magnets for the entire machine
  • Production or contact to production sites
  • Work Package Leader: B. Krause (Desy)

WP 14 : Injector

  • Long. internal bunch structure?
  • Cavity tilts/coupler kicks?
  • Bunch parameter space: low eps w. low charge/higher compression (or vice versa)?
  • Rep. rate and duty cycle?
  • Work Package Leader: K. Flöttmann (Desy)

WP 15: Bunch Compression and Start-to-End Simulation

  • Compressors: parameter space: lower charge/higher compression (or vice versa)?
  • Sensitivity of bunch shape/structure vs. charge, phase, etc. fluctuations?
  • Energy at BC-III variable (at BC-II??)? impact on energy vs. rep rate issue?
  • FODO-type stage desirable (possible)?
  • Switch yard
  • Collimators
  • Incorporation of FEL/SASE processes (undulators)
  • Work Package Leader: T. Limberg (Desy)

WP 16 : Lattice Design and Beam Optics/Dynamics

  • Main linac and BC matching
  • Orbit correction & beam-based methods
  • Collimation and diagnostic section
  • Beam transport and distribution to user beam lines
  • Orbit stability/stabilisation (slow and fast feedback)
  • Lattice in undulator systems, phase shifters, correctors, matching sections
  • Transfer to dump
  • Work Package Leader: W. Decking (Desy)

WP 17: Standard Beam Diagnostics

  • BPMs
  • Screen monitors
  • Beam intensity and loss monitors
  • Work Package Leader: D. Nölle (Desy)

WP 18: Special Beam Diagnostics

  • Slice parameters and longitudinal phase space diagnostics
  • Sub-picosecond timing and synchronization
  • Other specialized devices
  • Work Package Leader: C. Gerth(Desy)

WP 19: Warm vacuum

  • Warm beam pipe distribution starting from switch yard
  • Bunch compressors
  • Undulator vacuum
  • Exit chambers to beam dumps
  • Exit windows
  • Work Package Leader: S. Lederer (Desy)

WP 20: Beam Dumps

  • Modifications to adapt to new site?
  • Else?
  • Work Package Leader: N. Tesch (Desy)

WP 21: FEL Concepts

  • simulation of FEL and spontaneous radiation
  • new FEL concepts
  • coordinating accelerator-related activities
  • Contact Person : M. Yurkov (Desy)


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