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XFEL Meeting Minutes of 2007

All minutes with transparencies are available in EDMS under the project XFEL in the meeting folder (EDMS #16641). Most of the links below point directly into EDMS. To access these documents, make sure that your browser has JAVA implemented properly.

blue dot 19th December 2007: 172. Meeting
- Minutes
- H. Weise: Summary of the cold LINAC meeting, 12./13. Nov. 2007
blue dot 12th December 2007: 171. Meeting
- Minutes
- L. Fröhlich: Machine protection system for the XFEL
blue dot 28th November 2007: 170. Meeting
- Minutes
- W. Decking: Summary 3-way meeting, Oct 21/22, 2007, accelerator
- T. Tschentscher: Summary 3-way meeting, Oct 21/22, 2007, photon beam systems
blue dot 21st November 2007: 169. Meeting
- Minutes
- C. Schulz: Status of Air Conditioning Systems for the XFEL Undulator Tunnels
blue dot 14th November 2007: joint XFEL/ILC meeting
blue dot 7th November 2007: 168. Meeting
- Minutes
- R. Wichmann: Status update MSPE stability problems
- D. Reschke: Dry-ice cleaning
blue dot 31st October 2007: 167. Meeting
- Minutes
- T. Tschentscher: Start-up scenario of the photon beam systems
blue dot 24th October 2007: 166. Meeting
- Minutes
- M. Yurkov: Report from FEL2007
blue dot 10th October 2007: 165. Meeting
- Minutes
- H. Weise: Possible Russian in-kind contributions to the XFEL LINAC
- F. Stephan: Latest results from PITZ
blue dot 19th September 2007: 164. Meeting
- Minutes
- M. Ross: Actual ILC-GDE plans and comments about the importance of Desy's and XFEL's role
blue dot 12th September 2007: 163. Meeting
- Minutes
- H. Sinn: HF + Status WP 22/23 Photon beam lines
blue dot 5th September 2007: 162. Meeting
- Minutes
- D. Reschke: HF + H2SO4 free Poligrat/Accel EP: first result
- J. Eckold: Pulse cable for the XFEL
blue dot 29th August 2007: 161. Meeting
- Minutes
- T. Tschentscher: Requirements to survey&aligment for photon beam lines and scientific instruments (AI 152.5.3)
- M. Clausen: 'CSS- more than a sine-wave' Short demonstration of the Control System Studio functionality
- W. Decking: Cooperation with the Munich Centre for Advanced Photonics (MAP) on Laser Plasma Accelerated Electron Beams
blue dot 22nd August 2007: 160. Meeting
- Minutes
- H.-J. Christ: Preparation planning for the civil construction
blue dot 18th July 2007: 159. Meeting
- Minutes
- Yuhui Li: Tolerances for the XFEL undulator system
- J. Pflüger: Interpretation of above results
blue dot 11th July 2007: 158. Meeting
- Minutes
- M. Clausen, A. Will (Uni HH, C1-WPS): Control System Studio (CSS) and Collaborative Design and Implementation of a new Operator Cockpit
blue dot 4th July 2007: 157. Meeting
- Minutes
- D. Nölle: Summary Desy/PSI Workshop on BPMs
- H. Weise: Summary LINAC meeting
blue dot 27th June 2007: 156. Meeting
- Minutes
- R. Brinkmann, M. Altarelli: Initial XFEL project management structure
- J. Pflüger: Status undulator prototyping
blue dot 20th June 2007: 155. Meeting
- Minutes
- T. Hott: Summary TCM
- T. Hott: Review procedures XFEL
- H. Wabnitz: Damage to optics
blue dot 13th June 2007: 154. Meeting
- Minutes
- H. Graafsma: Update detector program
blue dot 6th June 2007: 153. Meeting
- Minutes
- R. Brinkmann: 1. step XFEL facility: accelerator complex & infrastructure
- T. Tschentscher: 1. step XFEL facility: photon beam systems
blue dot 30th May 2007: 152. Meeting
- Minutes
- T. Limberg: Update beam dynamics group
blue dot 23rd May 2007: 151. Meeting
- Minutes
- B. Racky: Interlock conditions for tunnel access during beam operation (AI 133.1.1)
blue dot 16th May 2007: 150. Meeting
- Minutes
- T. Hott: Building review for call for tender preparation
- R. Wichmann: new XFEL PSP code
- R. Wichmann: Project Management System for the XFEL
blue dot 9th May 2007: 149. Meeting
- Minutes
- B. Petersen: Upgrading the HERA refrigerator for the XFEL
blue dot 25th April 2007: 148. Meeting
- Minutes
- N. Baboi: Summary of HOM workshop, Jan 2007
- link to workshop web page
blue dot 11th April 2007: 147. Meeting
- Minutes
- F. Hilgenstock: Changes to XSE
- P. Folkerts: PR activities for the XFEL
blue dot 4th April 2007: 146. Meeting
- Minutes
- L. Lilje: Summary Module 6 Tests on the CMTB
blue dot 28th March 2007: 145. Meeting
- Minutes
- S. Prat (LAL): Status industrial study of power couplers
- T. Hott: Summary March TCM
blue dot 21st March 2007: 144. Meeting
- Minutes
- D. Nölle: Update cold BPMs
blue dot 14th March 2007: 143. Meeting
- Minutes
- A. Labanc: Investigation of electrical axes in TESLA-type cavities
blue dot 28th February 2007: 142. Meeting
- Minutes
- F. Poppe: Introduction to the XFEL movie "Light of the Future"
- the movie can be downloaded from www.xfel.net
blue dot 21st February 2007: 141. Meeting
- Minutes
- R. Wichmann: Status summary 2007 and outlook 2007 (only available from the finance status pages)
- T. Hott: TCM summary: Mechanical design effort and resources
blue dot 14th February 2007: 140. Meeting
- Minutes
- H. Weise: Summary of the S2 task force meeting (accelerator module string test for the ILC)
blue dot 7th February 2007: 139. Meeting
- Minutes
- Z. Wolf (SLAC): Magnetic measurements of the LCLS undulators
blue dot 31st January 2007: 138. Meeting
- Minutes
- S. Simrock: Update SIMCON DSP
- A. Matheisen: Update SC cavities (preparation, HW)
blue dot 17th January 2007: 137. Meeting
- Minutes
- W. Singer: Update SC cavities (material, fabrication, R&D)
blue dot 10th January 2007: 136. Meeting
- Minutes
- R. Wichmann: New SAP WA report (by H.-O. Alwert, VDV)
- D. Proch: Report from China visit, Dec. 2006
- T. Limberg: Summary beam dynamics review - BC system


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