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XFEL Meetings 2006

blue dot 20th December 2006: 135. Meeting
- Minutes
- F. Löhl: Recent results of the femto second synchronization system
- T. Hott: Summary TC meeting - mock-up tunnel
blue dot 13th December 2006: 134. Meeting
- Minutes
- T. Wohlenberg: Update WP-19: Warm Vacuum
blue dot 6th December 2006: 133. Meeting
- Minutes
- F. Hilgenstock (IG): Time schedule civil construction
blue dot 29th November 2006: 132. Meeting
- Minutes
- M. Clausen: Cryogenic controls
- J.-P. Jensen: Utility automation and SCADA controls
blue dot 22nd November 2006: 131. Meeting
- Minutes
- R. Wichmann: Announcement: SAP purchase order tracking report (Author: H.-O. Alwert/VDV)
- V. Katalev: Update wave guide distribution system
blue dot 15th November 2006: 130. Meeting
- Minutes
- R. Wichmann: Announcement: SAP-PS vs HHM workshop
- W. Decking: Summary of the 1st beam line review meeting - injector
- T. Hott: Summary 1st TC meeting
- T. Hott: XTL installation workflow
blue dot 8th November 2006: 129. Meeting
- Minutes
- H. Kapitza: EMC issues at FLASH and XFEL
blue dot 1st November 2006: 128. Meeting
- Minutes
- H. Graafsma: EoI to develop 2D-pixelated detector for the XFEL
blue dot 25th October 2006: 127. Meeting
- Minutes
- H. Schlarb: Summary LCLS ICW2006
blue dot 18th October 2006: 126. Meeting
- Minutes
- J. Sekutowicz: Update HOM absorber and pick-ups
- Y. Bozhko: Update CMTB
blue dot 4th October 2006: 125. Meeting
- Minutes
- W. Singer: Update single crystal, single cell cavity
- H. Weise: Summary TTC meeting at KEK
blue dot 27th September 2006: 124. Meeting
- Minutes
- T. Hott: Announcement EDMS and Cables & Pipes
- J. Pflüger: Feasibility study for undulator tunnel air conditioning system
blue dot 20th September 2006: 123. Meeting
- N. Meyners: Status XFEL tunnel vehicle
- H. Sinn: Slope error effects of X-ray mirrors at the XFEL
blue dot 13th September 2006: 122. Meeting
- M. Hüning: Summary LINAC2006
- B. Faatz, C. Gerth: Summary FEL2006
blue dot 6th September 2006: 121. Meeting
- Minutes
- T. Limberg: Announcement of the XFEL beam dynamics review
- B. Racky: AI 109.2.2: Permanent magnet concept for personnel safety
- H. Brück: Status WP-12: cold magnets and current leads
blue dot 23rd August 2006: 120. Meeting
- Minutes
- M. Altarelli: Summary of the 8th ISC meeting and set-up of the XFEL company
blue dot 16th August 2006: 119. Meeting
- Minutes
- T. Hott: Status of the XFEL mock-up tunnel
- R. Wichmann: XFEL status summary (only available from the Finance Status page)
blue dot 9th August 2006: 118. Meeting
- Minutes
- V. Vogel: Status of the Toshiba MBK
blue dot 2nd August 2006: 117. Meeting
- Minutes
- W. Decking: Update from the beam dynamics group
blue dot 28th June 2006: 116. Meeting
- Minutes
- W.-D. Möller: Status high power coupler for the XFEL,
blue dot 21st June 2006: 115. Meeting
- Minutes
- D. Nölle: Update BPMs
blue dot 14th June 2006: 114. Meeting
- Minutes
- F. Stephan: News from Pitz - developing the XFEL electron source
- K. Flöttmann: Reduction of dark current generated in the RF gun
blue dot 7th June 2006: 113. Meeting
- Minutes
- S. Boeck (Linde): Retrofit of the HERA refrigerator for XFEL demands
- J. Klausen (Linde): Necessary modifications on the HERA plant
blue dot 24th May 2006: 112. Meeting
- Minutes
- K. Wurr: Summary of the EIFast Workshop, 9/10. May 2006
- Link to the workshop agenda with talks and summaries
blue dot 3rd May 2006: 111. Meeting
- Minutes
- T. Tschentscher: TDR update: photon beam systems
- R. Brinkmann: First preliminary XFEL construction schedule
- R. Brinkmann: First preliminary plan for linac construction (mpp file no direct access)
blue dot 26th April 2006: 110. Meeting
- Minutes
- A. Brandt: Systematic limitations of beam based vector sum calibration
blue dot 19th April 2006: 109. Meeting
- Minutes
- N. Meyners: Status distribution shafts XS1 to XS4
- H. Schlarb: Longitudinal beam diagnostic at FLASH
blue dot 12th April 2006: 108. Meeting
- Minutes
- D. Reschke: XFEL test cavity program
blue dot 5th April 2006: 107. Meeting
- Minutes
- T. Hott: Release info XTL
- T. Tschentscher: Release info XHEXP
- H. Graafsma: Summary of the XFEL Detector Workshop, 28./29. March, Abington, UK
- more details on the release status of the buildings on the WP-31 meeting minutes page
blue dot 29th March 2006: 106. Meeting
- Minutes
- S. Simrock: Master oscillator and frequency distribution for the XFEL
blue dot 22nd March 2006: 105. Meeting
- Minutes
- K. Flöttmann: Release status injector complex
- more details on the release status of the buildings on the WP-31 meeting minutes page
blue dot 8th March 2006: 104. Meeting
- Minutes
- M. Schmitz: Release Status XSDU1 & 2
- M. Yurkov: VUV-FEL first year user operation
- more details on the release status of the buildings on the WP-31 meeting minutes page
blue dot 1st March 2006: 103. Meeting
- Minutes
- R. Brinkmann: Project Construction Cost Update (not publically available!)
- P. Dost: Release Process for Building Planning (not given)
blue dot 22nd Febuary 2006: 102. Meeting
- Minutes
- M. Seidel: Update WP-19: Warm Vacuum
blue dot 15th Febuary 2006: 101. Meeting
- Minutes
- R. Brinkmann: Proposal for STI TDR review agenda
- H. Leich: Status modulator test stand in Zeuthen
- T. Limberg: Update BC design
blue dot 8th Febuary 2006: 100. Meeting
- Minutes
- B. Krause: Status WP-12 Warm Magnets
- 1st XFEL magnet proposal (DESY only)
blue dot 1st Febuary 2006: 99. Meeting
- Minutes
- D. Trines: Announcement EIFast workshop
- H. Kapitza: WP-39: EMI control at the XFEL/VUV-FEL
blue dot 25th January 2006: 98. Meeting
- Minutes
- M. Altarelli: Summary of the Workshop on Ultrafast Time-dependent experiments at the XFEL, Copenhagen
blue dot 18th January 2006: 97. Meeting
- Minutes
- R. Wichmann: Finance Annoucements (short) (full version available from Status Finance page)


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