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OPs-5xx: Infrastructure

OP-510: Technical Infrastructure

The tasks of OP-510 are concerned with the operation, maintenance and repair of power, water, an dair systems of the technical infrastructure as needed for the accelerator operation. It comprises equipment installed in the buildings XHVAC, XHPSC, XHEIN, XSIN, XTIN, XHM, XHEE, XSE, XTL, XHE1-4, XS1-4, XTD1-10 (except for special undulator temperature stabilization systems), XSDU1-2, AMTF and the cryogenics hall (XHC). The basic utility equipment in the experiment hall XHEXP1 is included here, but not special equipment in the experiment areas.
In the operation phase, the tasks of OP-510 include the operation, repair and maintenance of the following sub-systems in the tunnels and buildings listed above:

  • Electric power distribution of the 10 kV supply, medium voltage levels and wall outlets
  • Air systems comprised of heating, air conditioning, ventilation and smoke removal systems
  • Cooling water distribution
  • Regular tap and well water systems
  • Clean pressurized air systems
  • Lightning protection
  • Lighting and emergency light systems
  • Automation, alert systems and operation statistics of the above systems

OP-515: Transport & Alignment

  • Reliable support of XFEL operation through hall engineers and technicians. The necessary tools and equipment needs maintenance / service.
  • Development and documentation of tunnel installation campaigns during maintenance / shutdown periods including transport scenarios, modification of supports, guardrails etc.
  • Reliable support in questions of survey & alignment. During maintenance periods re-alignment campaigns will be necessary.

OP-520: IT & Networks (for accelerator operation)

  • Operation and maintenance of Ethernet and wireless networks and the related infrastructure (like routers, switches, access points) in the tunnels and shafts necessary for the operation of the XFEL accelerator
  • Operation and maintenance of a mobile radio system, mobile phone and fixed lines phone service related to the accelerator complex.

OP-525: Asset Management

During the construction of the European XFEL, detailed technical as-built documentation has been generated for the accelerator. It is based on a configuration database (the DESY EDMS), which provides an inventory of major accelerator systems. The configuration database registers components and their used materials and tracks component design and fabrication history. It contains documents such as specifications, 3D-CAD models and drawings, work instructions, inspection and repair records, certificates and more. The EDMS offers many reports which were customized for the XFEL during the construction project.
The documents, records and reports are of great importance for maintaining the accelerator throughout its life-time. They can be accessed online by the service crews in the tunnel during access for maintenance and repairs.

  • Operation, maintenance of and support for the DESY EDMS specific for the XFEL accelerator, in particular ensuring the availability and accessibility of the accelerator inventory and technical documentation.
  • Support for the accelerator operation team in core asset management activities, including inventory, configuration and change management, and quality assurance of repository and documentation.
  • Operation, maintenance of and support for the XFEL accelerator CAD data

OP-530: AMTF

The AMTF (Accelerator Module Test Facility) was build during the XFEL construction to test and qualify all SC cavities and the fully assembled accelerator modules. The hall also houses the Waveguide Assembly and Test Facility (WATF). The AMTF is a major asset for the XFEL operation and future development. Its cryogenic installation can be used as a back-up to keep the XFEL linac cold (only without RF operation).
OP-530 operates, maintains and (if needed) upgrades the installation for cavities and module tests in the AMTF. The WATF is part of OP-210.


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