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OPs-6xx: Administration

OP-610: Buildings

The maintenance of XFEL buildings on DESY site, not including the Osdorfer Born and Schenefeld sites, includes cleaning and caretaker services.
In detail following services will be provided:
Facility Management: Caretaker Services, Cleaning (laboratories, offices, halls, entrances, stairs, sanitary facilities, public rooms, windows), waste disposal (normal, paper waste), management locking system
Security Management: security patrols, intake control, surveillance of interior and outside space
Maintenance and servicing: providing support for maintenance of building, building repairs (to be detailed)
Safety: Providing services for fire protection, inspections
General services: street lighting, roadworks, preservation of planted area, winter services,

The services of OP 610 are infrastructural building services which make sure that normal working processes are to be executed. The services provide clean and usable facilties.

OP-615: Administration and Purchasing

  • Awarding of contracts, participation in contracting ( including EU-wide, nation-wide public procurements, restricted and open tenders)
  • Subscription and transaction of material And capital invest items needed for technical operation
  • Receiving and storage of goods (for small, medium and large goods)
  • If required, customs Handling
  • Transportation services (small, medium, large package) for technical operation on campus Bahrenfeld (XFEL buildings on DESY site)
  • Accounting and invoicing of accelerator operation cost
  • reporting of the accelerator operation and R&D cost on a monthly basis


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