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Organizational Structure of the Acc. Operation

The operation of the XFEL accelerator at DESY is organized in so called (technical) Operation Packages (OPs) each in the responsibility of an OP Leader (OPL). The overall coordination of the accelerator operation is in the responsibility of OP-100: Coordination. The following pages give a short summary of the tasks and responsibilities of all the OPs relevant under the umbrella of the Operation Agreement (OPA).

The OPL is responsible for the coordination of the technical tasks of the respective operation package, provides upon request a budget plan for the OP for a given year in terms of investment and recurrent cost and FTE and follows up on the cost development with the OP in close cooperation with OP-100.

OP-100: Coordination

  • OP-100 coordinates the operation, maintenance, repair and development of the European XFEL accelerator and ensures daily operation together with the other groups of DESYs accelerator division.
  • OP-100 provides the accelerator operation, maintenance and repair schedule as well as the yearly budget planning and follow-up.
  • OP-100 is the primary dialog partner for the European XFEL GmbH.
  • OP-100 suggests and steers research and development towards the future evolution of the facility.

The OPs are organized in several groups. A description of the tasks for each OP can be found following the links on the left.


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